5 Top Trends in Tile!

I’ve been tile-obsessed as of late. I’m looking for tile for several clients, and until recently, my own kitchen renovation was looming large. (It’s been temporarily shelved due to construction burnout, but I’ll let you know when we’re back on track.)

Here are the top five tile trends for 2013.

1. Large tile

Relatively large, as in 4 x 8″ subway/brick tile instead of the ubiquitous 3 x 6″. (I loved 3 x 6″ white subway tile – until I started seeing it everywhere.) And 6 x 6″ and 8 x 8″ tiles instead of 4 x 4″.

And then just plain old large: “plank” shapes are in, much larger squares for the floor (think 20″ square, like FLOR carpet squares), and larger rectangles, like 12 x 24″. You might have to go to commercial tile companies to find them, but they’re out there, and they’re awesome. One of my favorites is these 18″ hexagon tiles by Mirage, part of their Heritage line:

Large-scale hexagonal floor tile, Heritage by Mirage

2. Large-scale patterns on tile

This was the tile I fell in love with for my own kitchen:

Green Walker Zanger tile

How gorgeous is THAT? The drama of the large-scale pattern can’t be beaten. This tile being Walker Zanger, though (from their Studio Moderne line), it’s pretty darn expensive. But I just love it.

3. Textured and dimensional tile

This isn’t news, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t include it. Textures, like grasscloth and animal skin, are becoming more popular, as are dramatically dimensional tiles. I LOVE these 24″ square reptilian tile by Rex Matouche:

Rex Matouche tile

And as for dimensional tile, check out Ann Sacks’ Abyssinian line

Ann Sacks' Abyssinian dimensional carved tile

Ann Sacks' Abyssinian dimensional carved tile

and Heath Ceramics:

Heath Ceramics dimensional tile

4. Wood grain

Faux bois is invading every other aspect of our lives; why not tile, too? This is by Atlas Concorde:

Atlas Concorde's wood grain tile

5. Laser graphics

These is the tile that really gets me. It’s so modern! Here’s one that MBTG (that’s Mary Beth, Tile Goddess, our fabulous rep. from Mosaic Tile) showed the Bossettes not too long ago. I need to ask her to remind me who makes it, but I literally had a dream about it:

Laser graphic tile

This is from the Fabrics collection by Mirage:

Laser-cut tile, Fabric by Mirage

And I just found this one on Flickr:

Laser cut tile

Ok. Anyone who installs 4 x 4″ ceramic tiles in a grid is just not paying attention.

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    I think one you missed is “hexagonal tiles” – I’ve loved hexagons for ages, but I’m seeing it as a tile fixture or wallpaper trend more and more. My own personal favorite tiles are Gaudí hexagonal textured floral tiles from the sidewalks of Barcelona, where I used to live. Totally on-trend now too, haha. If I ever find decent replicas of these, I’m doing my bathroom in them!


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