Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Gray. Satisfaction guaranteed.

I’m a big fan of Benjamin Moore’s HC-146 Wedgewood Gray, as you know. So I was especially tickled when Sara sent pictures of her recently painted laundry and powder rooms. She writes:

“…we did just renovate our laundry and powder rooms (they’re connected), and I couldn’t resist sending you before and after pictures….Thanks for saving me from agonizing over piles of paint chips that distort the truth and saving my painters from putting up sample after rejected sample. I read your advice, gave the number to the painter and said “all the walls in both rooms in this color, White Dove for the trim.” And it turned out great.”

Here are the befores and afters, in pairs:

Love that mirror, Sara. Where did you get it? And tell me about the integrated sink/vanity top –

Another satisfied, bossed-around customer. Always happy to help.


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Annie!
    Thanks again for the help with the paint. I sent you more details in an e-mail, but for your readers here are some quick answers to your questions:
    –Tumbled pottery/glass mosaic mirror special-ordered from Susan Evans on
    –The sink/vanity combo was from, which doesn't seem to carry it anymore. It is sold elsewhere (for about $350 more than I paid–love Costco!) under the name "Royal Teak Stockholm Single Bathroom Vanity."

  2. Annie, bossy color says

    Sara, thanks so much for the additional info! The mirror is a great example of how going through a bit of extra trouble (having it custom-made) really makes a difference. Thanks again!

  3. Erika @ BluLabel Bungalow says

    You give great orders bossy lady! I recently recommended this color to one of my more conservative clients and she loves it.

  4. Karen says

    I just tried the Wedgewood Gray in our dining room/kitchen and love it! We have black furniture, white cabinets and stainless appliances. Could you PLEASE :-) share some ideas for a curtain color? We have wood floors and white trim.

  5. Keeley says

    I'm glad to see that you featured this color. I'm considering painting our guest bedroom Wedgewood Grey, but I didn't know how it would look. The room is very small (maybe 9 by 12), but I think I'll get a sample after seeing this color in a powder room.

  6. Terra says

    Hi Anne,
    I am wondering if you could help me find a good neutral color for my tiny hallway. I have Wedgewood Gray in the main room of our house. That room is connected to our bedrooms and main bath by a small hallway (think more of a square than a rectangle) with four doors. I would like an off white, but figuring out the right undertones is very difficult.
    Thanks in advance!

  7. Bossy Color says

    Hi, Terra! Try Ben. Moore’s Windham Cream if you want to go a bit yellow, but if you want to keep it very light, try Acadia White and Timid White, two warm but bright whites. Good luck!


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