Bossy color’s living room – another update

The other day I was talking to the wonderful Sheila Hagar of the Walla Walla Union Bulletin, and she casually asked, “So how’s your living room looking these days?”

Egad! I thought. (Or something close to it.) Things have changed! Not too much, but still, enough for an update.

Yellow living room

It was 2 short months ago that I thought I’d cracked the code on the art wall over my sofa. But the minute I pressed “publish” on that post, I knew the wall would have to change. Writing about Albert Barnes and his goofy picture-hanging tendencies got me all twisted up.

So we re-hung those suckers pretty quickly. (Once again, thanks, Uncle Jimmy. Also known as the bossy color serf.)

Blue sofa with yellow art wall

And what else do you see? That’s right! FINALLY! Accent pillows! (Best Christmas present ever. I did guide the giver, of course.)

The pillow covers are from Mi Casa Bella on Etsy. And please note that they’re not yellow and WHITE; they’re yellow and OATMEAL :)  Big difference.

Yellow Zebra pillow

I originally wanted the pillows for the moss green sofette in front of the window. But then I remembered this mohair throw wasting away in the back of a closet. I think it’s a good substitute. (Plus I already had it. Always a bonus.)

Plaid mohair throw

Bottom line (and I know you’ve heard this before, but please keep the guffaws to a minimum): the living room is done FOR NOW. Sure, I’d love to do something w/ those darn chairs. And I’d like to replace the light blue lamp (which really belongs in my office) w/ a white one. And the peachy velvet on the tiny embroidered chair is wrong wrong wrong. But all in all, I can live with this for a while.

See? No pithy comment at the end. So you KNOW I’m serious.

Photograph in yellow living room

Annie Elliott – aka bossy color – is an interior decorator and design blogger in Washington, D.C. She has been quoted in publications from The Washington Post to Real Simple and is considered an expert on color, residential space planning, and telling people what to do in the nicest way possible.


  1. says

    “yellow and oatmeal” – the colors of my 1960’s bath. When the home inspector saw it he said, “Don’t change it, it’s so old it’s new again.”

    BTW, I love the painting on the wall in the last shot. May I ask who it’s by?

    And again, so comforting to know the pros struggle with this stuff! :)

  2. Annie Pazoo says

    Love the colors – all of them, Annie.! And thanks for mentioning Sheila Hagar. I couldn’t remember where I’d first heard of her and I think it was from you. Ordered her book before Christmas and I love it!

  3. kristie@thedecorologist says

    i love the art grouping – good job accomplishing just the right balance and height. You might want to try one of those larger pillows on the chairs behind one of your new yellow and cream ones on the sofa. I always like 3 pillows on a sofa (two on one side, one on the other). Gosh, now I’m getting bossy! :)

  4. Nameless says

    I’ve seen better interior design efforts in a good will store. I think you may have chose the wrong profession.

  5. says

    Wow, you are so kind! And how brave of you to leave a snarky comment with your actual name instead of hiding behind an pseudonym. Please feel free to check my website for my latest work – I’m sure you’ll love it! Hugs!


  1. […] Art wall: various artists, but the oil paintings are by Elizabeth Brown via her shop on Etsy (it’s called, “Dragon’s Appetite”), and the two silver-framed etchings/engravings/drypoints (how do I have a master’s degree in art history? I never mastered the difference) are by Christina Dixcy, who now concentrates on large-scale photography. She’s my husband’s cousin, and we have several of her pieces…these were gifts when our twins were born […]

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