Dear Restoration Hardware…

Sigh. I debated, Gentle Readers. I debated whether to violate my “say mostly nice things” policy and write this letter to Restoration Hardware. Ultimately, I decided that in the same spirit I provided Pottery Barn and Target with some, ah, constructive criticism in the past, so too might Restoration Hardware benefit from a friendly chat. I mean, wouldn’t you want to know what people were saying behind your back?

Dear Restoration Hardware,

I am a former fan who is worried about you.

Have you by any chance seen the comments that my Gentle Readers – an incredibly smart, savvy, well connected group of people (and let’s not forget SUPER RICH with LOTS OF DISPOSABLE INCOME) – left in response to bossy color blog’s most recent post?

Restoration Hardware's Aviator Wing desk


Let me share:

“I now put the Restoration Hardware catalogue right in the recycling bin when I get it because it is just weird . . . and ugly.”

“Not sure who is running the ship at Restoration….some of their pricepoints are just crazy and I think they are losing their core/market consumer.”

“I can’t even page through an entire catalog anymore because I get so bored. And I won’t set foot in their store. Just depresses me. Where is the color???”

“Are we allowed to say “fugly” on here?”

Let’s cut to the chase, Restoration Hardware. By what means did you determine that your core audience is now chateau-dwelling,

Restoration Hardware bedroom


Restoration Hardware lamps

chronically late

Restoration Hardware clock


members of the Amelia Earhart fan club?

Aviator Wing Desk

We beg of you, Restoration Hardware: please take a step back and reconsider your approach. Color is your friend. Goliath has plenty of floor lamps. And many – many – of us refrain from zooming our staplers and pencils through the air like fighter pilots when we work.

Just a thought.

Love, Annie

With much thanks to you, Gentle Readers, who are all of the wonderful things I said in this post and more. This letter wouldn’t have been possible without you. But just so you know: Diet Coke stings when it’s coming out your nose. So please think twice before leaving your next comment. Thank you.


  1. Christina says

    “Goliath has plenty of floor lamps.”


    I haven’t been in Restoration Hardware in ages, so I had no idea that things had gotten so…um…I’m not even quite sure how to describe what I”m seeing here. “Large?” I dunno.

    That desk is appalling, but the chair that is in front of it is just impossible. My back aches just to look at it.

  2. Mikka says

    ditto on the chair – although when I look at it, I feel the circulation being cut off in my legs.

  3. says

    I think Christina’s comment is indicative of why they are searching for a new identity. Their sales went down BEFORE they did this revamp. Clearly, their core customers weren’t shopping there very often. So now they don’t know who their customers are. Which has caused disasters such as the aviator desk. I hope they survive their mid-life crisis.

  4. says

    Even my 19 yr old daughter, who loves all things metal and hard-edged, took one look at the airplane chairs and said “um, that looks really uncomfortable. Who would buy that?” I agree – way off the mark and so narrow in their focus I doubt they can hold a market much longer. And the lack of color makes me skim through the catalog – very dull. Actually it’s not the lack of color – it’s the lack of contrast for me. Ho-hum.

  5. Christine White says

    The new direction feels very pretentious and stuffy – per your chateau comments. Monocromatic, almost gothic. in its scale. What happened to the fun quirky, natural, “boy I wish Iived in the Kennedy Compound with that piece?” vibe……I used to love that retro childhood memory quality to their products – wandering through the store and seeing glimpses of my grandfather, my parents and myself from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s….

  6. says

    Wow, I thought it was just me, and I was so uncool that I just didn’t get them. Hope they take note and see that real women want furniture, lamps and accessories they can actually USE. We do not all live in a sterile store window. You tell em girl!!

  7. flyingcarrot says

    We’ve got a local RH where I live and the long-suffering staffers look just exhausted trying to deal with folks like your Gentle Readers who pretty much hate on all their new stuff. The ceilings are painted dark grey-brown and all the furniture is very gray and tone-on-tone. I’ve seen customers step inside and spin on their heels right out the door, after crinkling their noses at the sight of the interiors.

    I can still recommend a piece or two in various rooms, but the all-over bland coloring is a big drag. The Amelia Earhart desk is pretty jokey…maybe we are supposed to use their stuff as accents, but not do full rooms a la Pottery Barn, who would prefer we purchase the whole roomful of stuff, including bedding and dishes.

    I know this is a lukewarm defense, but I, for one, appreciate how they are taking a risk and not being the predictable catalog anymore. I wouldn’t do an entire room (agree on “chateau” comment…the scale is HUGE!) but I still like the concept.

  8. says

    Thank you, Flyingcarrot! I was hoping to hear a dissenting voice. I also appreciate risk in theory – and what you say about a piece or 2 per room rather than an entire houseful makes sense. Thank you!

  9. says

    Thank you so much, everyone, for taking the time to share your thoughts. It’s amazing that flying carrot is the ONLY voice we’ve heard in RH’s defense. (And even that, per fc, wasn’t exactly strong.) Let’s hope they hear us, eh? THanks again –

  10. says

    I haven’t been there lately – but now will definitely stay away for a bit longer!! All of those rooms look ridiculous…if this was a “blind taste test” I would never associate the photos with RH.

  11. amyks says

    I will come to their partial defense…I bought the “Spritz” towel bars, and toilet roll holder, etc for all my newly done bathrooms. They matched the “Grohe” faucets and bath fixtures that we bought. We couldn’t find any other company that had the simple lines that the Restoration Hardware did. I also bought two of their bathroom mirrors. But, I do agree with everyone else about the furniture, it’s just massive and Yuck!!!

  12. says

    ItI was still ok a few years back when I lived in PGH. RH was a mile down the road and my friend worked there. He had an amazing discount! I’ve been to the RH here in Charlotte last summer and thought it was just me, but it was a bit on the “fugly” side and quite a little to “safe” for me.

    Where did the color go? When you find it, let me know :-)

  13. Kathryne says

    Like another poster, I went to the Charlotte store a few months back. I moved into a new house, and was hoping I could get a table for my new house. The table was part of a set that I bought while living in my old house-I didn’t have room for the table in my old house. I almost didn’t recognize the store from the outside, but it was even worse when I got inside the store. My general reaction was – Ugghh!!! The salesperson asked me if I like the new look of the store and the furniture they were selling. I told her that I did not. The salesperson told me that the furniture was all made of recycled wood, it was good for the environment, etc. I told her the store had nothing to my taste, and I left. And those prices for that new stuff?? Eeek!!

  14. Mustang says

    I’m laughing at that rediculous desk and your comment about Diet Coke coming out your nose. I agree with an earlier poster that one, MAYBE two pieces might be OK. I actually like one of the dining tables, but on the whole, the new look is a big turnoff.

  15. says

    Thanks again for the comments, all! Amyk, I agree: the bath collections are pretty darn good. (And I love Grohe for bathroom fixtures, so good for you.)

    Good to remember what we (used to) love about RH! Thanks again!

  16. says

    Restoration Hardware is decidely taking its cue from the Belgians and Axel Vervordt in particular. I personally love the look. But must say that real antiques are far better to live with than anything made with recycled wood from China. I never purchased anything from Restoration Hardware prior to their new look I found it middling to boring at best. (Silver Sage paint being the exception.) Ditto Pottery Barn. I am not one to go to mass market reatailers prefering to hunt for the best antiques and modern pieces for a mix of styles. I prefer layering my home with things that I love over time. Enough with the insta decorating that I find so annoying now. Remember anything in a mass retail store is basically a trend. Pick what you like judiciously and pass on everything else.. Like the airplane desk. :)

  17. says

    I am SO glad I found this site and these comments! I was beginning to think it was just me!

    I walked into Restoration Hardware today and felt like Alice in Wonderland who fell into a hole and found herself in some strange places with sizes all distorted the strangest of furniture!

    I’m remodeling my bathroom so I thought I’d drive over to Restoration Hardware and pick out some of their fabulous knobs and pulls. I hadn’t been to Restoration Hardware in awhile but remembered I WAS turned off by the catalogs I had been receiving and didn’t give them much time.

    First off, my R.H. is in an upscale outdoor mall in Seattle that is always hopping, always crowded with younger professional and upper middle class people. I walked into the store and the first two things I noticed… 1) It was redesigned and was mostly that ugly massive furniture. 2) I was the ONLY customer in the store! Walking further into the store I realized why…….

    Whatever happened to their other lines of furniture? What happened to all the “fun” doohicky things and accessory pieces you could find at R.H.? The silk plants, the throw pillows. The store used to be organized by “type” of item. Now, it looked like I was walking into a chateau in France with multiple rooms of nothing I would want to buy. WHO HAS ROOM FOR THE SIZE OF THAT FURNITURE ???? And , if you had the room, WHO WOULD BUY THAT UGLY STUFF ANYWAY ???

    I swear 90% of the store was that ugly stuff. Even the candleholders were made of it! Lamp bases too! There was no getting away from it. I thought I was having a bad dream.

    WHAT WERE THEY THINKING ???????????????

  18. Susan says

    Thank you thank you thank you for this! I have been looking to buy furniture and lighting recently, and have had many of these same exact thoughts. I keep thinking “Who buys this stuff? “Who can afford this stuff?”
    “Why is everything in the entire store gray, or beige, or grayish beige or beigeish gray?” Yes, so much of it is just plain bizarre, and the comment about the Amelia Earheart fan club is hilarious and so so true! What’s with that fighter pilot theme? I am a middle aged housewife for goodness sake. Believe me, fighter pilots are not paging through the Restoration Hardware in their spare time.
    Again, THANK YOU!

  19. zoya says

    Has it ever occured to you that tastes can be different and there are other people out there who like the RH style as much as you don’t like it?

    I am one of those people and I find your style not appealing to me personally.

    But I would never bash your love of color – I think it is not polite and tactful and it might hurt your feelings.

  20. says

    Absolutely, Zoya – that’s why I love hearing from people who LIKE the new Restoration Hardware line. Many different styles out there, as you point out. Do YOU like the RH furniture? If so, please tell me more!

    If we were talking about one earnest, hardworking furniture maker who made their living from this stuff, I absolutely would keep my thoughts to myself. But the big box stores are in a different category. They’re the public figures of furniture, and gazillionaires to boot. It’s entirely appropriate to comment and provide them w/ some constructive criticism.

    Thanks again for your comment, Zoya. I really appreciate your taking the time.

  21. PAINTERqueen says

    I agree with basically everything that is being said but I am in the process of purchasing a lot of the cabinets and end tables. I have a home that will not overpower this furniture and it is less expensive than having to build custom. The colors will fit nicely, although I had to tweak my room colors a bit.
    I think that the aviator furniture and some of the really different things would look great in a room geared toward a “theme” but the prices ruin that idea!? (Most of that furniture isn’t very comfortable)…BUT…the good news is that the furniture that is normal IS comfortable, super well built and beautiful!
    I didn’t want a tiny little sofa table. I want to use my furniture. I can pull a chair up to a Restoration Hardware console table & write or snack and it handles me. The bathroom furniture is great too.
    Check out Rocky Mountain Hardware…that is the quality of the Restoration Hardware lines…so be prepared for it to last forever.
    I really liked the previous furniture lines (discontinued) but sometimes change is good.
    I have purchased towels and linens years ago and recently for some of my children. They last forever.
    Come on people….give RH a try before turning away.

  22. disagree totally says

    It seems apparent to me that they may have shocked their target audience- but maybe that’s what they intended? To make a drastic change, they must have had a big reason to do so- No offense, but if you all were such big fans, why had it been so long since you had been to their store? Maybe they wanted different “fans” that came back more often. I was never a huge fan of the old look- boring sums it up nicely. I absolutely LOVE the new look and shop their almost exclusively. I for one hope they find more loyal customers, like me, who validate their brave risk taking. It was time for a change and I think it’s gorgeous, sophisticated, peaceful and comfortable. It’s not for everyone.
    To each their own :)

  23. says

    Today I received in my mailbox Restoration Hardware’s new HUGE catalog. It’s bound like an old J.C. Penney or Sears catalog and almost as big. I had already divorced myself from RH after this major change they’ve made to all ugly and mammoth greyish-beige recycled furniture and then a huge catalog of it is faithfully awaiting me , stuffed in my mailbox. Guess I just can’t get away from it. Like a bad dream. I’m going to request they take me off their mailing list and hopefully they will. What a waste because it went right into my recycling bin.

  24. Cyn says

    I agree w/Deborah. That catalog was disgustingly huge. I felt sick when I saw the waste of paper. Then, in small print on the back of the thing, it says “recycle” – what a joke. I wrote an email to RH asking to removed from their mailing list and told them about their waste factor. Who can I write to who will really understand what a mistake that catalog mailing was??

  25. Patrick says

    My wife recently ordered a light fixture from Restoration Hardware to round out the new renovations in our home. While I am sure she paid too much for it, I have to admit it looks quite nice. Until this purchase, I had two issues with RH, their prices and the waste of the catalogues.

    Now add to the list, the amount of styrofoam used in their packaging. So much so I am really not sure how to deal with it. I am told it is not recyclable and that 30% of our landfills contain this type of plastic.

    Perhaps the trendy, new age, Mr. Freidman should spend more time considering the implications of what his company might be doing to the environment, rather than coming up with those snappy 60’s rock and roll analogies….now that would be “decidedly cool”

  26. mark says

    RH was the rich yet trendy office furniture store that I could rely on for my office furniture.

    No more – I cannot find a thing there.

    Metals and rough desks that belong in auto shops or barn cellars….not anything I can use anymore.

    Is it the new CEO from Guess?

  27. sloaneranger says

    really bad quality, overly pretentious management. never going to be the greatest design experience the world have ever known…what a laugh

  28. Kat says

    “Deforestation” Hardware: Just received an inch thick “Fall 2011 Source Book” from Restoration (aka “Deforestation”) Hardware. I immediately recycled it; what a waste. And, it turns out that I automatically receive them as a “current resident” since I live near a store. Is there no way to stop these unwanted, unattractive source book?

  29. Holly says

    the most ridiculous catalog I’ve ever seen! And to think that they’d try to lead it all off with a big pretentious thing about Teddy Roosevelt! Gimme a break. This isnt earth breaking – it’s ugly.

  30. Atelier de Campagne says

    I must state upfront I am not a fan of RH for several reasons. Yes I am biased being that I am an antique and vintage importer. I often visit what is known as The Paris Flea market and Isle Sur la Sorgue, and there I am able to see fresh and somewhat more original designs of up-cycled and repurposed items. I find it extremely dishonest and sleazy when companies with the infrastructure and capital send scouts(read thieves) out there to rip off people’s ideas and then mass produced them.. To what degree RH does this I have no account, but I wonder.
    Secondly, even though an old clock face will always have value,I wonder if the constant reproduction cheapens the originals, especially when it becomes such a trend that even the old pieces may end up being unappreciated.
    The other reason stated by so many already and this doesn’t only apply to RH is the irresponsible and selfish act of this ridiculous waste of a resource that promotes deforestation and creation of waste with styrofoam and other products. Yes “To each his own,” and yet your choices affect me and others.
    One last thing, their prices are high and yet they are mass produced and no doubt elsewhere where the labor is cheap. Don’t we need jobs here? And why would you pay a designer’s price for a pret a porter model? I find it interesting that some folks would pay a “designer” to help them decorate their home and they end up with a house full of RH furniture, lights and accessories. Where is the creativity?

  31. Donna says

    After receiving the enormous Fall Catalog, I’ve now received the semi enormous baby and child catalog. It might be renamed, how to decorate to make a child depressed. Any color is grayed out and there are a few wrought iron cribs that look like they came out of an orphanage from the 50’s . And who the hell puts a chandelier above a baby’s crib? Almost every crib had a gaudy chandelier above it. RH is definitely going for the Uber Elite. They have completely out priced the middle class. I doubt even the people that work for the company could afford that furniture. And yes, Deforestation Hardware is a great name for them. I think they could really careless about the environment. It will be interested to see what this change does for their bottomline.

  32. Janice murphy says

    Setting aside all of the aesthetic comments regarding the grossly over sized furnishings and ghastly color palette – I just want to know this, Gary Friedman, WHO IS THE TARGET AUDIENCE FOR THIS? Assuming that we all know that women do most of the shopping in the household – which woman are you trying to reach with this propaganda? It can’t possibly be women with children – for several reasons. First, I am trying to save for my child’s education – so dropping $3000 on a “vintage birdcage chandelier” is not my priority in life – not to mention it would be a target for nerf bullets and stuffed animal pitching. Next, I am concerned about the environment (amplified by having kids)- so receiving a forest killing phone book-sized catalog to make Gary feel better about himself as a merchandiser is appalling to my sensibilities. Third, who has time to thumb through this tome? My catalog thumbing time is at a premium – so you do well as a catalog to just make it past the recycling bin in the driveway. Then assuming it makes it into the house it has to pass the “flipping through it while making dinner test”. Most fail at this juncture and end up in the kitchen recycling bin. If it advances past the kitchen it either gets the one last glance before I fall asleep nightstand position OR the coveted bathroom reading material pile. If a catalog makes it all of the way to the toilet – well, now it stands a chance of receiving the kind of concentrated, page by page scrutiny fantasized about by catalog publishers everywhere. But even this has its limitations – because generally, even if I quietly sneak away to the bathroom, one of the kids will sense deep in the primal survival area of the brain that somewhere in the house mom’s ass has touched a surface (they can also sense when hot food is being consumed) at which time they are overcome by an undeniable urge to find me as soon as possible and request some impossibly urgent assistance. So the most time I get is maybe 5 or 10 minutes of peace and quiet to page through a colorful magazine and tear out pages that might warrant further research. It would take 5 hours to page through this ridiculous item (by the way, it only made it to the kitchen recycling stage) and I am hardly going to waste my valuable bathroom reading time trying to understand how to decorate a chateau I don’t own. So, from what I can conclude, this catalog is for a fabulous gay male couple that recently purchased an unfurnished chateau in the south of France with no kids and exorbitantly high paying part-time jobs. I wish that couple well and happy shopping.

  33. Steve says

    The H U G E catelog arrived last week – what a waste of money and resources. The environmental damage that is caused by producing such a behemouth is inexcusable. Not just paper, but ink, and electricity to run the presses, and on an on. I am appalled.

    So here is what I am going to do; first call the presidents office and register my distaste for this catelog; second, mail the catelog back to the president – imagine if we could get thousands to do the same. The contact information I found is
    Restoration Hardware or Restoration Hardware Baby & Child
    15 Koch Road, Suite J
    Corte Madera, CA 94925
    Chairman and CEO, Gary Friedman – responsible for merchandising and marketing; he is actually co-chair; the other person has the business side of the company (as of 2010)

  34. Natalie says

    My husband and I just purchased the Crystal Orb Chandelier, Chesterfield Panel Bed, Boulangerie Table, Empire Camelback Dining Chairs, and Dutch Industrial Console Table. We absolutely love RH’s style and vision for our 100 year old heritage house, and it fits our budget. We couldn’t be happier with our pieces, and have never received as many compliments as we have regarding our RH furniture (especially our Crystal Orb Chandelier).

  35. says

    You are right on! When I visited the store as they were making the total change to what they are showing now, I gasped! How depressing can a company go and still keep their doors open. Restoration Hardware was one of the top stores I always visited and purchased many things from. When the exteror colors of the store were changed, it appeared the store was closed because of the low lighting inside the display rooms. When I stepped inside I felt depressed and didn’t go beyond the 1st 10 ft. inside the door. The store was empty and sales staff were just standing around. The furniture is of such a design and finish, that one could not do just 1 room in their home….it’s all or nothing at all!
    My observation of the change is that the course they have chosen to follow would only appeal to men. Their line of furniture appears to be well manufactured, masculine and well targeted to a specific clientel. If this is so, and men have the large homes to house this massive merchandise, then they have succeeded! I am doubtful they would be married, because no woman would live in such a depressing and colorless enviroment! I believe they have lost the largest market…that being women. Not any friends I know even walk inside the store any longer.

  36. Lee says

    So I just went into my local Restoration Hardware store to order the new leather jacket. I asked if the 50.00 shipping still applied if I purchased it through the store and it did. So I asked how do I choose a size? The salesperson said ” you’re probably a medium” I said what if I’m not? She said “than send it back for another one”. This means shipping 3 easy and paying over 150.00 just to try one one. Nice try RH, take a look at L.L. Bean one of these days for some customer service advice.

  37. Gina says

    Just redid my laundry room and wanted the “retro enamel” look for my laundry powder container, etc. The old Restoration Hardware is exactly where I would have gone for something like this, the new one? Not for me. What a strange, dreary place it’s become. I used to love browsing through their old store, it was like a trip down memory lane. Who decided this radical redo was a good idea? I wonder how it’s working for them. P.S. I have looked online for the enamel pieces and can order them from the UK or Australia if I want to spend three times more on shipping than the item costs. ARRGGGHHH!

  38. Zena Lea says

    I was just looking at this catalog before I put it in the recycling and was thinking, “What are they thinking? I
    can see a bit of this, but it goes on and on and on and it seems to have been going on for years? Are they selling it in quantities to keep this up?” So I googled Restoration Hardware is ugly, and this is what I came up with. So glad to know that I’m not the only one. I actually love some of the metal pieces, but the pages and pages of colorless, depressing stuff, that all looks the same. Unbelievable!!!!

  39. Rose Tarlow says

    All you have to do is turn the first page and see the CEO Gary! He has color! A nice shade of orange/brown also know as a fake tan. The new Restoration is about him…and his huge ego. The lies about French this and Eastern European that….Is all made up! The entire catalog and everything thing in it is made in China! He thinks he’s cool just read his mission statement. In a few years every business school will use him as the number one bade example ….of how egos bring down companies!

  40. deb says

    I’m new to the US and find some of their stuff nice -but you’re right – it doesn’t change much and some of it is bizarre. For me the biggest problem they have is with logistics. I ordered two things 3 months ago and they keep sending me delivery dates and nothing arrives..then another delivery date and so on…I still haven’t received my things.

  41. says

    Rose, what a treat to hear from you! I agree 100%. The guy’s a complete egomaniac who must be running the company into the ground – stylistically, at least. How IS the company doing? Anyone know? I really should learn how to read a stock sheet…if it’s even publicly traded… In any event, thanks so much for the comments.

  42. Anon Y. Mous says

    As I still work at a RH outlet I must post anonymously. But I can say that I agree with this post almost completely. From my understanding the company is doing quite well, and that shouldn’t be a surprise; they’re selling to rich people, i.e. the only people who still have any money to spend.

    While I find some of the furniture cool looking, most of it looks like it would furnish the world’s most elaborate porn sets. Like the cold looking netherworld in the movie Betelgeuse.

    The aviator desk for instance has no functionality at all, and actually will result more often in you getting cut than you getting work done.

    There are a lot of decent things in the store, and most isn’t the uber modern style-over-fuction stuff. But that being said, it is WAY overpriced. You could find the quality cheaper elsewhere. People shop there because it’s a status thing, no question.

    My biggest gripe with the RH organization is the corporate side. I enjoy the people I work with but I don’t make almost anything, I have no insurance, and selling overpriced furniture to rich people while often trashing lightly blemished furniture — yes, remember what H&M got in trouble for a few years a back? we do that also — that could be easily donated to charity weighs heavily on my conscience.

    Hopefully I won’t have to be there for too much longer.

  43. D Nichols says

    The only good items left at Restoration Hardware are their bathroom towel bars, etc. But I wouldn’t buy their faucets. It’s only a matter of time before Restoration Hardware goes out of business, and how could you get replacement parts for the faucets. You need a flashlight to go shopping at Restoration Hardware. It looks like a spook alley. The RH store in San Jose, CA just closed. I noticed the RH in Princeton, NJ just closed, too. I bet a lot of the stores are closing. Such a pity. I used to love that store. The CEO should be fired.

  44. says

    I recently visited a restoration store near The Galleria in Houston with my daughter. Yes the prices are high, but they do have some lovely things. The entrance had garden displays that blew me away. If I had the money I would have bought everything. Once entering the store, it did seem a little drab. I do like color and all the neutrals weren’t for me. But my daughter loved the look. Designers do use neutrals and pull the look together with colored accessories. We were looking for the child/baby department which had a separate door. My 4 year old granddaughter immediately ” awhed ” and went to the canopied/chandiliered poster beds on display. She called it a “Queen” bed and said it was “beautiful” and that she wanted one. We looked at the baby crib sets ($250). Yes it was high, but we searched all avenues for over a week and found no one else makes anything even comparable. Note: I made my 4 yr.granddaugther’s crib set. After the expense and week of sewing, I was happy to pay the $250 this time. We did buy a coverlet for my granddaughter that was on sell for $50. which is not a bad price. The shams weren’t available so we bought a crib coverlet which was on sale. We had it monogramed for only $6. thru the store and plan to mke two Shams with it! We are pulling the look together with accessories made or bought through other resources. We purchased paint for both the nursery and my granddaughter’s room. The walls had a miedium/rough finish. I LOVE THE PAINT! I have painted many house/rooms in my day. Only one coat and little to no scent to paint. I have used many paint varities that state one coat coverage – bull. The customer service was great. No pressure sells in store and very helpful. Looked up information online when we had questions. Salesperson advised that you can call store to place order and order will SHIP FREE ! Which we did and items were received within a week. Our experience was great. I will only use their paint from now on. Also, if expense is a factor, buy a main piece and accessorize with more affordable pieces. You can also look online (Ebay/Craigs list) for additional pieces. These sites are also good for selling and re-couping some of your expense. Restration Hardware does sell well online. It may not be for everyone – so shop elsewhere.

  45. says


    Please sign my petition on

    Restoration Hardware STOP SENDING OUT YOUR 989 page catalogue to users that don’t want it. Let them go online!

    Combining all three of the catalogs sent together there were over 989 pages. Please have your followers join the team of supporters from around the world and join in on our mission to help save our rainforest..


    peace and love to all- all we need is love for our planet and all that live on it..

  46. says

    Please sign my petition on

    Restoration Hardware STOP SENDING OUT YOUR 989 page catalogue to users that don’t want it. Let them go online!

    Combining all three of the catalogs sent together there were over 989 pages. Please have your followers join the team of supporters from around the world and join in on our mission to help save our rainforest..


    peace and love to all- all we need is love for our planet and all that live on it..

  47. Tricia says

    I love Restoration Hardware but ….I am extremely frustrated at their regression with sales. The products they sell are beautiful BUT most come from distributers. So many items I’ve purchased and wanted to purchase this past two years come from other places (overseas mostly) and it takes months to get them.
    Example: the patio furniture catalog came out and I ordered a brand new set that very day. I have now been informed that the furniture to be delivered this month (April 2012) will not arrive until June 2012!!! My patio is bare, I sold the other furniture to make room for $12,000.00 worth of new furniture. We’re hosting BBQs with nothing to sit on.
    Send the catalog out in the winter if your suppliers are this slow.
    Do something, good grief. I couldn’t even order fabric samples before I could purchase because they weren’t ready yet.

    I wanted to order some patio planters. They, too, were going to take 8 weeks to arrive.

    This is ridiculous. What has happened to the CEO’s at Restoration Hardware????????????? Are they trying to run their company into the ground?

  48. Color Help says

    I’ve got to say I totally agree. it’s about time someone stood up and told this Emperor – along with Pottery Barn, as far as I’m concerned – that he has no Clothes.

    I can dig minimal and neutral, to a point. And in the right space. But for the love of heaven, when did it become the height of chic to have no color whatsoever – anywhere? It is sterile, dull and as far as I’m concerned – it takes no special skill to assemble such a room. These designers who coast on doing these all-white and all-beige spaces are taking the easy way out.

    I encounter a certain number of customers who are terrified of color and who embrace this look. They are usually people concerned with looking upwardly mobile. I read a great quote once (and I paraphrase) that ‘color tells a lot about a person. That’s why some people stay away from it – they don’t want you to know who they are.’

  49. says

    What an interesting point, “they don’t want you to know who they are.” Fascinating. I think SOME people truly are “neutrals” people, but you have to have some warmth, for crying out loud. And there better be some really personal touches to separate their home from all the other neutral wastelands…thanks so much for the comment.

  50. Blanche Brown-Marks says

    I placed an order for a outdoor dining set months ago with Restoration Hardware. I recieved an email back in May stating it was with the delivery agent and somone would be contacting me soon to schdeule delivery. It is now June 26 and after many attemps to find out why no one had called to schedule this delivery, I find out some one from Excel delivery service suppositly called 3 times and since they didn’t get an answer put this order on hold and the next time they could deliver is July 18th! I cancelled the order and closed my account! Restoration Hardware cutomer service stinks!!!!!!

  51. Ali says

    Thank you. I just got the mammoth fall 2012catalog and am disgusted at the waste of resources on that point alone I will never shop there again. Tx for the link I did unsubscribe.

  52. says

    Thanks so much for the support. I’m sure you saw that the CEO is now in the doghouse (which is NOT furnished by RH; the stuff won’t fit), so maybe there will be some change for the better. Thanks very much for the comment.

  53. Roberta says

    I’m late to the party on this one, but most of the comments above reflect my thoughts exactly. Who buys this stuff? A 690-page catalog arrived in the mail, and after a few turned pages went straight to hte trash. All photos are sepias and grays (maybe a page or 2 of blue) of grossly over priced merchandise. They’re obviously not selling to women or anyone else looking for joy and color. The preface or forward to the catalog sees Don Quixote as a model. Really? Unless they change their marketing strategy, this company will be the next one to file Chapter 11.

  54. theresa moore says

    I love love love RH! There is at least 2 pieces in EVERY room in my house and people are very complementary when they visit. I’ve worked with designers and shopped trade only furniture and lighting stores and I think RH is a fabulous deal. I think people are scared to show their real personalities in their homes and RH is quirky and imaginative. It takes a bold personality to feel deserving of huge furniture and inventive lighting. It’s not for everyone—thats why there’s Home Depot and Target.

  55. B.C. says

    I would like to send RH some very constructive feedback on their operations and customer service. Does anyone have Carlos Alberini’s email address? I have tried numerous variations but cant seem to get through.

  56. max mackenzie says

    I am really, really late to this not-so-nice, but oh-so-true party. I was prompted to write by the 10,000th RH email in my inbox featuring more drab furniture and yet another narcissistic photo of the CEO on the front page. Reeeeallly? Before this CEO, I had no idea who the CEO was or what s/he looked like. Generally, that’s how I like my CEO’s … in the background making good business decisions. This CEO seems to be better suited for political office or perhaps a part in the next Spielberg movie. This man’s ego-centrism and out-of-touchness with RH consumers is absolutely astounding!

    I had loved RH since the mid-90s when I found my first store on Summit Ave in St. Paul MN. I would visit RH just to get my zen for the day. The silver sage paint, beautiful furnishings and finishes were intoxicating. Back then, I could actually afford things in the store even though I was a student! Now, like everyone else, I enjoy nothing about RH. I recycle the depressing, tree-hogging catalog as soon as it overflows my mailbox. I don’t even consider entering the cave-like stores as I walk by. For a long time after RH went crazy, as I like to call it, I felt like I had lost an old friend. But RH’s silver sage and just-the-right-white paint will live on forever in my heart and on my walls … now just bring the color chip to HD for a color match. Poor, poor RH. We miss you. If there is anything any of us can do to help you come back to your senses, please let us know!

  57. Henrietta C Boggs says

    We no longer shop at Restoration Hardware…. The products I loved and purchased are discontinued. I bought their Shore line of cleaning products. GONE. I walk in the store and wonder what they are today. It was previously a fabulous store for shopping for myself, my home an gift giving. NO MORE. Whoever changed this store will put them right out of business. What are they thinking???

  58. michael says

    There is no doubt that restoration hardware has some nice things. The problem is that the nice things all look alike. It’s like it doesn’t matter which chair or sofa or bed you pick, as they are all completely interchangeable. Everything has exactly the same personality so it’s like they have a large variety of the very same thing. It’s a no brain design store, just point, tell them to send it on out and you don’t have to worry about whether everything is going to work together. They’ve also managed to make neutrals evil . Thank God for Anthropologie. If you’ve got to shop at chain at least they have character, colour, uniqueness and an ever changing variety of products.

  59. JT Guthrie says

    My, aren’t YOU full of yourself. The truth is, you’ve paid far too much money for shoddy Chinese crap.

    RH is pretentious and absurd, so I do agree with you that RH is ideal for you personally to show your “real personality.”

  60. Becky Bennett says

    I really love the Italian Hotel sheets. They are crisp and feel great winter and summer. Unfortunately I’m hesitating in buying more. The bottom sheet wears out first and the only way to get another is to buy a package set. I’ve looked a lot of places for a comparable bottom sheet but no luck. My inventory is getting lopsided. If anyone has found sheets to compare that you can buy separately I would appreciate the information.

  61. Girly says

    theresa: “It takes a bold personality to feel deserving of huge furniture and inventive lighting. It’s not for everyone—thats why there’s Home Depot and Target.” I agree! And as far as the comment from JT Guthrie about paying far too much money for shoddy Chinese crap… By the time one’s life as a Target or Home Depot shopper is over you will have paid far more than what you would suppose at RH.You will keep replacing your Target/Home Depot ‘deals’ either because it didn’t wear well or you are trying to keep up with the color trend of the year.

  62. says

    My partner and i appreciate, cause I discovered just what exactly I became taking a look pertaining to. You might have ended my own 4 working day very long seek out! Our god Many thanks male. Use a pleasant day time. Bye

  63. Sandra says

    In the “olden days” there was no such thing as a bottom sheet–all sheets were “flat” sheets, and you just tucked them in. I would just use your top sheet as a bottom sheet, and tuck it in. If you wanted to you could tack elastic banding across the 4 corners and tuck it under the mattress-
    Good luck!

  64. Jess says

    My new chesterfield sofa from RH arrived today and it is ridiculously amazing.

    Have already had two people walk by our house and see it in the window and complement it while I was gardening in my front yard today.

    Not only is it beautiful, but it’s made way better than nearly every other chesterfield we looked at.


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