How big are YOUR pillows?

They’re getting bigger. Throw pillows, I mean. Time was, accent pillows were discreet. Small, modest, tucked away…never taller than the back of the sofa or chair in which they nestled.

Big throw pillows on sofa

Those days are over: throw pillows are GIGANTIC now! Check out the ones below at Century Furniture! I don’t think I’ve specified a 16″ square accent pillow in a year. Even 18″ square can feel small to me.

Century Furniture sofa with 3 huge accent pillows

I just ordered 22″ throw pillows from Sparkmodern via Etsy for our family room sofa. Granted, the sofa itself is 37″H, but still. Two 22″ pillows, two 20″ pillows, and one long lumbar. That’s a lot of fluff.

Large purple accent pillows on sofa and chairs

Layering patterned pillows is still a white-hot trend, especially if your taste runs to the eclectic. (The fact that these pillows are in matching pairs saves the room from becoming a crazy mess.)

Large patterned accent pillows in NYC apartment

The sofa in this Thom Filicia-decorated living room is so long it NEEDS the bigger pillows. Again, using pillows in matching pairs is a plus. (Am I the only one who still refers to him as Thhhom, as I did when Queer Eye for the Straight Guy reigned? Yes? Ah, well. God, I miss that show.)

Thom Filicia's oversized accent pillows on blue sofaDon’t these pillows look skimpy to you now?

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 10.22.28 PM

As opposed to, say, these by my hero, Jamie Drake?

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 10.37.23 PM

If not, give it time. Soon you’ll be turning your nose up at anything smaller than 24″ square. It’s happening, people.

Large black and white accent pillows on outdoor furniture

Cococozy, you saved my bacon this post with your excellent pictures — thank you! Quoted in publications from The New York Times to The Washington Post to Real Simple magazine, Annie Elliott is an interior designer in Washington, D.C. Her firm, bossy color, delivers distinctive, curated interiors with professional precision.


  1. sara says

    I love throw pillows and would fill my sofa with them if I could, but I have learned to limit myself to four (two solid, two patterned). First of all because the young boys in the house take “throw” very literally, so they always end up on the floor. It’s very disheartening. Also, if more than two people need/want to sit on the sofa, at least two pillows have to go elsewhere.

  2. says

    Oh, such a personal question! But my pillows are quite large, thank you, and growing every year. It is funny to see puny little pillows these days but I love the oversized look.

  3. says

    Annie, you know what else I see growing, pillow-wise? Chair cushions! I’ve seen more and more super-deep ones on both indoor and outdoor furniture. Like 5-6″ deep as opposed to the 2-4″ of days of yore. I kinda like it; it makes them look substantial and pricier. But then, maybe that’s just me reacting positively to the current trend! That does happen more than I wish it would. ;)

  4. says

    I like throw pillows, but I like them to be small. I feel uncomfortable when I’m sitting on a pillow rather than the couch.

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