I know it’s still November, but…Christmas stockings from Etsy

I’m one of those people who thinks it should be illegal even to THINK about Christmas before Thanksgiving.


But ever since my highly organized sister-in-law asked me what I wanted this year (dessert plates and Steve Jobs’ biography, if anyone’s listening), Christmas has been on my mind.

Anthropologie Natural World dessert plates

Let me back up. I don’t know that I’ve ever bought a Christmas decoration in my life (not counting trees and other things that die or can be eaten). Both John’s and my parents have downsized, so we’ve been the (mostly happy) recipients of lots of Christmas…ah…accouterments.

For the most part, I embrace the tackiness. I really do.

Christmas tree angels

But for several years, I’ve wanted to buy new stockings. (The kind you stuff with stuff, not the kind you stuff with yourself. You know.) Our stocking situation is dire. We’ve got super-sized calico and gingham stockings from John’s family (which are a Herculean task to fill – thank goodness Santa takes care of it), and from our side, we have James’ and my childhood stockings crocheted by Aunt Judy,

Crocheted Christmas stocking

(kind of like this one)

which are shaped in such a way that you never can reach whatever it is that’s shoved in the toe. We also have two droopy acrylic stockings, the provenance of which is unclear.

But that’s the thing: we HAVE stockings. We don’t really NEED new ones; I just WANT them. For the past three years, the day after Thanksgiving I start saying to myself, “You know, I’m just going to bite the bullet and buy new stockings before Christmas.” And then I get distracted, and Christmas comes and goes.

Then I say to myself, “I’m going to take advantage of all those post-Christmas sales and buy new stockings for next year.” And then I don’t.

Fancy Sferra needlepoint Christmas stockings

I don’t even think it’s a budget issue – although we do need 9 stockings, which adds up. But as John will be quick to tell you, I’ve been known to spend money much less important things.

In any event, Gentle Readers, you will be thrilled to learn that this is the year. I’ve done it. After coming pretty darn close to succumbing to the lure of those tree-murdering companies who mail me three catalogs per week, such as The Company Store:

Garnet Hill:

And even (gasp) Pottery Barn:

But most definitely NOT Restoration Hardware…after something deep inside me prevented me from buying any of those perfectly fine but mass-produced-made-by-The-Man stockings, I realized that the answer was in front of me all along.



Dear, dear Etsy. From which I have purchased so many items of late, both for my clients and for myself. It took about 7 seconds for me to find the perfect stockings, made by Allenbrite Studio, a husband and wife team.

How adorable are these?

Christmas stockings from Etsy

And what’s awesome is that while some are really Christmasy – almost kitschy:

Rudolph Christmas stocking

Some are more random and quirky, such as the series of bears:

Bear Christmas stockings

And this cat:

Cat Christmas stocking

Best of all, there are so many creatures and color combos that finding 9 different stockings was no problem. And they’re made by hand, by real people, with love. I’m so happy!

Oh Lord. Now I need those little hooks you hang the stockings from.

Maybe next year.

Annie Elliott – aka bossy color – is an interior decorator and design blogger in Washington, D.C. She has been quoted by publications from The Washington Post to the Associated Press and is considered an expert on color, residential space planning, and telling people what to do in the nicest way possible. 


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    Thanks or the Post on the stockings! Great Blog by the way! Even Cheryl ( who never looks at blogs ) commented that she liked it. It is true they are all hand made.. Which means we have our own little sweat shop here in America! LOL . They are a joy and pleasure to make each one. I hope everyone who gets one really enjoys them for years to come. Once again, thanks for the posting.

  2. says

    They aren’t cheap, but the etsy shop Plum Cushion makes christmas stockings out of designer fabrics, like Imperial Trellis.

  3. says

    I love love love Etsy and hope to do most of my Christmas shopping on there as I did last year. I love being able to support independent artists and craftsman. And one of a kind items that are not massed produced are the way to go. Thanks so much for introducing me to this seller – I’ll be adding them to my favorites. The stockings are adorable – do post a photo when you’ve got them hung!

  4. says

    Nichole, I love those pillows! Ordering the stockings before T’giving was all I could handle, but you know the onslaught will begin as soon as the bird is out of the oven. Thanks for writing!

  5. says

    I’ll do my best, Holly! Thanks so much for leaving the comment – I couldn’t agree more about Etsy. I’m going to do a lot of surfing there for family members this year – I feel like giving more interesting presents this time around.

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