Space Matters

Thank you, ASID! The lovely folks there invited me to contribute a blog post on the subject, “space matters” to their current ICON issue. It was a lot of fun – hop over and read it!

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Michael K. Wilkinson for bossy color

My assertion: when we feel we’ve run out of space, our knee-jerk reaction is to build MORE. Very few of us maximize the space we have. Has that been your experience?

If you like the article – or if you disagree with it – please leave a comment there so they invite me back! (Bonus points if you click through to the videos.) Thanks, Gentle Readers!

Quoted in publications from The New York Times to The Washington Post to Real Simple magazine, Annie Elliott is an interior designer in Washington, D.C. Her firm, bossy color, delivers distinctive, curated interiors with professional precision.


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    I’ll totally leave a comment there too, don’t worry. But I agree, and space management has never been easier! There are so many Apartment Therapy how-tos; so many storage ottomans; so many permissible uses of the loft bed and the pedestal sink and extending cabinets or bookshelves up to the ceiling and (gasp) mounting a flat-screen TV on the wall. People might not love all of these tricks, but they friggin’ work, ya know? ;)

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