Thanks, Associated Press! “Carpet, the bolder the better, makes a comeback”

Do you remember reading my post about wall-to-wall carpeting a few months back? About how it’s making a comeback?

Patterned carpet in bay window

Wall-to-wall carpeting in bay window (Photo: Michael K. Wilkinson for bossy color)

Well if you didn’t, now you won’t have to!

Manuel Canovas bedding and headboard, Crate & Barrel lamp, Horchow side table (Photo: Michael K. Wilkinson for bossy color)

The AP interviewed me last week for a story about it, and it hit the papers – and the web-waves – yesterday. Newsday, The Washington Post, and lead the list, but the story also was carried by aol news, The Albany Times-Union, and others.

Wall-to-wall stair runner

Striped wall-to-wall carpeting on staircase (Photo: Michael K. Wilkinson for bossy color)

Most papers also carried 2 of my – (“my” = the work of my fabulous photographer, Michael Wilkinson) pictures, which was super duper.

What’s new about wall-to-wall is PATTERN. That and color. We’re not talking about the beige berber you have in your basement. We’re talking about strong, graphic carpeting.

Wall-to-wall carpeting in playroom

Bordered wall-to-wall carpeting in playroom (Photo: Michael K. Wilkinson for bossy color)

(Huh? What’s the name of the carpeting in the bedroom pictures? I knew you were going to ask that…I think the name involves the word, “princess,” but I’m going to have to let you know when I’m back in my real, non-remote office with all of my files. Sorry about that.)

In any event, Gentle Readers, the stigma is gone. Carpet away!

Art wall with heating vent

Art wall over Wisteria chest (Photo: Michael K. Wilkinson for bossy color)

Annie Elliott – aka bossy color – is an interior decorator and design blogger in Washington, D.C. She’s considered an expert on color, residential space planning, and telling people what to do in the nicest way possible. She’s also a proud member of the Color Outlook team:  6 experts from across the country who podcast quarterly about color trends and forecasts.


  1. katkins says

    That’s welcome news to those of us who live in cold climates, wall to wall is just so cozy in the bedroom.
    One of my current conundrums is whether or not to replace the current worn carpet on our stairs or cover them with a different material. The carpet can be so slippery for stocking feet, but is there anything better? Is there a best type of carpet for stairs? Add to the equation that our house is a split entry, so our main entry is on the landing (currently the landing is wood), and it sees a lot of dirt, snow, etc. Carpet, cork, and rubber with raised dots are the contenders so far. Our stairs are the prominent “design feature” that greets our guests when they enter, so can I find a covering for them that is tough, non-slip, easy care, and and attractive?

  2. TDo says

    Carpet isn’t the best for indoor air quality. I’m sticking with wood and maybe wool carpet for playrooms.

  3. martin606 says

    love the Karastan carpet on the stairs and broadloom in the bedroom! yes, carpet in the bedroom! cozy, sound insulating…stair runners can be a cool broadloom rather than just a runofhtemill oriental also..
    remember-pattern is your friend for hiding dirt…go with wool or nylon!

  4. Kate says

    Congrats on being interviewed by AP Annie. I agree with Nichole, come back soon – I hope you’re just a bit busy now your famous! I’ll have to rely on getting tips from my copy of colorA2Z mag until you get back.

  5. Aspen says

    Annie, we miss your posts! Since you’re not here in Colorado to consult on my bathroom remodel, I’d love to at least read and see more of your fantastic color and decorating ideas. (Even my husband is catching on – last week I was talking about a new favorite paint color and he asked “is that a bossy color?”)

  6. Trish Halverson says

    So I’ve been searching for a patterned wall to wall carpet….I have exactly what I’m looking for in my head. I google patterned carpet and low and behold the “perfect carpet” is on your website. You mention that you didn’t know the exact carpet..thought it was “princess” something. Is there anyway you can tell me where to find that carpet or maybe you could tell me the name of it so I can research it further. I can’t believe it’s exactly what I wanted. :-)

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